domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013


Worldwide Laboratories Attached 

We are the blog that serves as a "Global Platform Experimental PME" originally created for use in Latin America.

Specific objective: Collect, share and execute all of the business ideas to Latin America, made ​​by founder Juan Jose Ramirez Vasco "infinite master of communication" and his group of researchers and co-founders, seeking to unite all their interests and all your personal and group research to issues of "enlightenment and communications" for direct benefit of the human race on planet Earth, for the manifestation of freedom of expression throughout the word and the right to perpetuate life and existence

We all copyright and creation according to the Creative Commons license and your information may be shared freely with everyone.

We get all kinds of grants and contributions to support our goals of expanding our training, knowledge, experience, technology and business for the benefit of Latin America and in general all the world's emerging economies.

ny questions or requests for more information about our activities, conferences, seminars, workshops and video conferences be happy to assist in our contact mechanisms:



cell phone: 297-6413851 Aruba

Skype: venusolarlatin